UPDATE:  First set of digitized issues of the old Hokubei Jijiji (North American Times) and Hokubei Hochi (North American Post) are now available for public viewing!

We continue to need bilingual translators and project sponsorships. No prior experience needed. Donation is welcome and appreciated! – Donate from here

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The Foundation has sponsored a groundbreaking project to digitize the historic and current issues of The North American Post and North American Times newspapers. We are pleased to announce that these two Japanese language newspapers are now digitized and accessible to the public via the University of Washington’s Digital Collections website.

A community reception was held to unveil the new website for the digitized issues of the Seattle-based Hokubei Jiji (North American Times) and Hokubei Hochi (North American Post).  This is the culmination of over four years of work by sponsors Hokubei Hochi Foundation, University of Washington Libraries (Suzzallo and Paul Allen) and Digital Initiatives.

Over 6,000 pages, primarily in Japanese, of old issues have been and continue to be uploaded onto the website: http://content.lib.washington.edu/otherprojects/nikkei/.

Now readers from around the world can view past issues that contain fascinating coverage of local community, national, and global events as they actually unfolded.  We are currently translating the titles and article summaries of each front page from Japanese to English.

This is the only such digital project involving a Japanese language newspapers in the U.S.  We believe that to study the cultural, social, and political history and heritage of a region, readers must go beyond ‘mainstream’ papers to reach diverse viewpoints.  These Japanese community newspapers tells the stories of families, businesses and activities as told in the pages and are an important and unique part of the development of the American West.

Even the newspaper advertisements are important as economic indicators of the period.

We are far from finished as there are many thousands more pages to be scanned and uploaded, and we expect this project could continue for years.  Once complete, this will be the first full collection and it is hoped that many more Japanese American newspapers can be added to this database.

For more information on the project, contact Elaine Ikoma Ko, elaine@hokubeihochi.org, or Glenda Pearson, pearson@uw.edu.

4Culture provided seed funding for this project. (www.4culture.org).  Matching funds were also provided as a match through the Japanese American Chamber of Commerce through seeyourimpact.org. The UW Libraries Digital Initiatives Program and the Suzzallo Allen Libraries Microfilm Department are key partners in this project. The post-WWII North American Post (Hokubei hōchi) newspaper dates back to 1946.  The pre-WWII paper up until the Japanese American internment was published under The North American Times (Hokubei jiji) beginning in 1902.  Most of the early issues of both papers are written in Japanese.

We continue to need bilingual translators and project sponsorships. No prior experience needed. Donation is welcome and appreciated! – Donate from here

More Information or to get involved, contact info@hokubeihochi.org.






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