Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Tomio Moriguchi,
Board President/Treasurer

Occupation: Chairman of Board, Uwajimaya, Inc.
Place of Birth: Seattle, WA

Volunteer Positions: Board Member, Charter President, Nikkei Concerns;
Board Member, National Japanese American Museum; Board Member, American Diabetes Association (Northwest Leadership); Board Member, Kawabe Memorial House.

Tomio has a long history of leadership in the Seattle community and has won numerous awards and recognition for his business leadersihp and extensive volunteer involvement in civic and charitable affairs. His current wife Jenny Yan Li is from China. He and his first wife Lovett (1991) had a son Tyler and daughter Denise. Their first grandson, Hieu, was born in 2007 and second grandson Minh in 2010 and first gradndaughter Chelsey in 2012. Tomio earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the U.W. in 1961. He joined the family business, Uwajimaya, Inc., in 1962 after the passing of his father, Fujimatsu Moriguchi, and is currently Chairman of the Board. Tomio led the successful real estate development of Fujisada Condominiums and Uwajimaya Village complex in Seattle’s International District.

森口富雄 シアトル出身

Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

Randy Tada,
Board Secretary

Occupation: Technical Writer/Product Manager
Place of Birth: Seattle, WA

Past Work Positions: New Product Development Manager, Product Manager, and Account Executive, U S WEST/Qwest; Product Manager, AT&T Wireless; Technical Writer, T-Mobile, consulting firms, and small businesses in the telecommunications industry; Account Executive and Advertising Manager; The Seattle Times

Volunteer Work: Board Member, The North American Post; Society for Technical Communications

Randy has over twenty-five years experience as an account executive and product/project manager in the telecommunications industry. For the past eight years, he has created and edited contracts, presentations, Web sites, user manuals, and business cases for small startups and established companies. He possesses a B.A. and M.B.A. and a Certificate in Technical Writing/Editing from the University of Washington and is affiliated with Phi Beta Kappa and Alpha Kappa Sigma honoraries. Randy resides with his wife Cheryl in Bellevue, Washington.

ランディー多田 シアトル出身
通信業界でアカウント・エグゼクティブや商品部長の経験を25年以上持ち、最近は起業ビジネスへの契約書、プレゼン、ウェブサイト、使用手引書などの制作、編集サービスを提供している。ワシントン大学経営修士号&テクニカルライティング/編集修了証書取得。Phi Beta Kappa and Alpha Kappa Sigma授賞。(現在シェリル夫人とともにベルビューに在住。)

Photo Credit:  dimnikolov

Yohji Kameoka

Occupation: President, Pacific Century Inc.
Place of Birth: Tokyo, Japan

Past Work Positions: Corporate Officer & General Manager, Chiyoda International Corporation; Senior Engineer, Chiyoda Chemical Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. (Yokohama Japan)

Volunteer Work: Board Member and Vice President, Japan-America Society of the State of Washington; Board Member and Education Committee, Shunju Club (Japan Business Association of Seattle)

Yohji has 47 years of experience in design/engineering practice, sales, contract negotiations, international trade, personnel management, financing/accounting, and broad areas of small business management. He has a B.S. in Engineering from Waseda University in Tokyo and a M.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley. Yohji is a professional engineer certified by the State of Washington. He lives on Mercer Island with his wife Yoko, and has two grown children and two grand children. He is a serious weekend golfer and runs five miles on a regular basis.

亀岡洋次 東京都出身
ボランティア活動: ワシントン州日米協会理事および副会長、春秋会(現シアトル日本商工会)理事および教育部会理事

Mick Matsuzawa

Occupation:  Business Consultant 

Place of Birth: Moses Lake, WA

Past Work Positions: Executive Director, Asia Pacific Chamber of Commerce; Publisher of the Asia Pacific Economic Review; Associate Publisher, North American Post; Account Executive, The Seattle Times

Volunteer Work: Board Member, Asian Counseling and Referral Service; Robert Chinn Foundation; Board Member, KUOW.

Mick Matsuzawa has over 30 years of small business development experience, has worked with hundreds of small and large businesses, and is an advocate for minority- and women-owned businesses. Mick has a B.A. in Communications from the University of Washington and a M.B.A. from the University of Tennessee. He lives in Everett with his wife, Patricia, and has three grown children.

ミック松沢 ワシントン州モーゼスレイク出身

Mayumi Nakamura

Occupation: CEO, Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. (PSP Inc.)
Place of Birth: Nagano, Japan
Significant Past Work Positions: PSP VP of Sales, COO

Current Volunteer Positions: Japan America Society of WA, Board of Directors; Northwest Entrepreneur Network Board of Directors; Northwest Minority Supplier Diversity Council – MBE Input Committee Member

Born and raised in Japan, after quitting a university in Tokyo, Mayumi came to Portland State University and earned her undergraduate and graduate degrees. During school, she held a research assistant job, where she learned computers, which eventually led her to join PSP. Mayumi acknowledges: “I am a geek at heart and love the technology industry.”

パシフィック・ソフトウェア・パブリッシング 最高経営責任者
中村真弓 長野県出身
職歴:パシフィック・ソフトウェア・パブリッシング 営業部長、最高執行責任者

Eri Takahashi

Occupation: Relationship Manager, JPMorgan Chase Bank.
Place of Birth: Yamagata, Japan

Past Work Positions: International investment and banking; General Manager, Amanasu Group, venture capiptal firm; specialized in M&A and R&D and assisted two companies to IPOs. Owner, CUDA Consortium International, Inc., specializing in business cross-cultural development, start-up business consulting, and event planning services.

Volunteer Work: Co-Host, “Japanese American/Japanese Expatriate Women’s Networking Group; Host & Creator, Annual Entrepreneurial Women’s International Tradeshow; Host, Creator, and Sponsor, “A Series of Gathering for Minority & Expatriate Professional Women”; Advisory Board Member, Seattle Chamber of Commerce Urban Enterprise Center; Former Ambassador Board, Columbia Tower Club

Eri’s passion is to create places and opportunities for minorities and expats to appreciate their heritages and to support each other.

高橋江利 山形県出身

Elaine Ikoma Ko

Occupation: Current volunteer staff and former Founding Executive Director, Hokubei Hochi Foundation
Place of Birth: Seattle, WA

Past Work Positions: Director, Port of Seattle Office of Social Responsibility; Executive Director, InterIm Community Development Association; Director, City of Seattle Office for Women’s Rights; Coordinator, King County Women’s Program; Founding Executive Director, International District Housing Alliance;

Current Work Positions:  King County Board of Equalization; Ko&Co, nonprofit and small business consultant; free-lance writer.

Volunteer Work:  US-Japan Council and Japanese American Leadership Delegation; Interim Community Development Association Board of Directors.

Elaine has a long history of leadership and involvement in the local community. Elaine has a B.A. in Communications from the University of Washington and a M.B.A. from City University, an alumnus of Harvard Business School’s Executive Education Program, and a recent inductee into the U.W. Department of Communications Alumni Hall of Fame. One of her current passions is leading annual group tours to Japan and continuing to improve her poor Japanese language abilities. She is the former founding Executive Director of the Hokubei Hochi Foundation and continues to assist in a volunteer capacity.

イレーン・生駒・コー シアトル出身